Saturday, 25 September 2010

How did this all happen?

So, ask me five years ago where I would be today. I was fresh out of college and my days consisted of work, parties, and a little sleep. I had these lofty goals of becoming uber-rich Ms. Business Lady by day, and professional social butterfly by night. My personal "vision statement" had absolutely nothing to do with any of the following; wife, lawn mower, diaper rash applier.

But then it happened. I got bit, and extremely hard. By the love bug. Although not an actual animal, it is known to infest even the best of us. He was a tall and dashing pilot with salt and pepper hair. He held the door for me, actually called when he said he would, and could prepare a meal more complicated than ramen and chicken nuggets. Jackpot! He will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine. I reeled him in with my charm and a year later we were married.

That was 3.5 years ago. Oooooh how life has changed. I am in different state (I swore I would never leave the South), I have a mortgage, a "crossover", and I am now somewhat of an expert on household cleaners. Oh yeah, I'm a mommie now too. I have a young toddler and another little boy on the way.

What happened to the game plan? I morphed from Carrie Bradshaw into June Cleaver. I bake, sew, attempt to garden. And I do it for the most part with a smile on my face. The 6 am screamfests and backed up toilets are of course the exception. I have had many friends from back in the day call me "Martha" or even "a lady of leisure." Anyone raising a kid full time knows leisure is a four letter word. I often wonder, are they truly judging me or are they maybe a little green? It's definitely not what I intended for myself, but it's something I would never want to give up either.

Most housewives complain (myself included) about how honestly hard it is to do what we do. But funny thing is we always end most sentences with, "but I love my little guy/husband more than anything." We know, for the most part, we have it pretty good.

So I'll never be the CEO of Apple or run New York high life like P. Diddy. But, if I take a step back and put on my positive glasses, I see that I really do have it made. Here's a toast to all the Moms out there that veered off the path and made the choice to be a domestic diva!


  1. Great post lady! This will be fun to follow:) Cheers to you too, from one lady of leisure to another, Ha!