Sunday, 26 September 2010

Top 3 Books That Are Exciting

This is goofiness at its greatest. I don't read as often as I should. But when I do, I prefer something on the lighter side. Life is way too serious. A good hard laugh is always nice.

So, this guy with the pen name Ted Nancy goes around and writes letters to some very important, and not so important people. He has ideas like the Ba-Nanny shoe and complains of the loss of his Gorilla Feet Shoes in the men's restroom of a very swank restaurant. Funny thing is, he actually gets a response. Responses vary from the Paper Bag council, the former U.S. VP, and even foreign kings. Hilarious right! Even my husband liked it. And he hates everything (except me and the kids).

So, it's been confirmed. Jerry Seinfeld is not the author of this book. I was a little disappointed, but not really surprised. Seinfeld has always been a personal hero. And now that my son is obsessed with Bee Movie, I like him that much more, He is helping to promote this book, but made no contribution beyond the foreword.

In the current world of tacky reality TV and first grade cheerleaders talking about their "lady lumps," it's fun to see some witty, original comedy. Something mass-produced that doesn't send you to the confessional the following Sunday. Hope you guys enjoy.


  1. I have never heard of this. Sound like something Zach would really like. Also, I didnt know Waller Baby #1 liked Bee Movie! We havent seen that one yet.

  2. thanks so much for popping over to pbd!!!!

    i love reading too... currently reading water for elephants!